Our day in Eldorado Canyon began with the “Swimming Pool Song,” the “Beaver Call” and the “Baby Shark Song.”  After playing a tag game, we all hopped in the bus to drive to the pool.  Campers had fun splashing around in the water, diving off of the diving board and making new friends.  We even got some cool pictures of campers in mid-air jumping off of the diving board! After lunch, campers worked on planning their group skit and designing their group shield.  Friday is the last day of the session, and we are eagerly anticipating each group’s 2 minute skit.  The rest of our pool day was interrupted by a short period of rain and some thunder, so Jen ordered all of the campers out of the pool.  This was a great opportunity, however to have snack and sing camp songs.  We sang “Country Roads,” “Clementine,” and “On Top of Spaghetti.”

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