The Juniors started today on the bus, heading into Eldorado Canyon with the entire Boulder program- Backpacking and Intermediate included. We sang Little Red Wagon and All Together Now before we played a round of Evolution. Ask your camper if they got to be an Egg, a Chicken, and a Dinosaur. We had big plans for a hike, so our next step was to refill our water bottles and sunscreen up. On our way up Fowler’s Trail, we kept our eyes open for any reptiles. The only snake we saw, thankfully, was a brass rattlesnake! Where we stopped to have lunch, we had great views of the canyon walls. One of our counselors shared a story about a time when she was hiking and nearly stepped on a rattlesnake. Because our group was full of such great hikers, we made it all the way to the Bastille, where we saw rock climbers and turkey vultures through the telescope.  When we got back to the pad (where we played our morning games), we had time for free play. One group of campers played an excellent game of slow-jog tag, while some other camper made a decked-out insect theater that evolved into an insect town! By the time we got back on the bus and pulled into Base Camp, we had spent the whole day outside and were ravenously hungry for snack. Rest up tonight so we can hunt for more reptiles tomorrow.

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