The sun was shining when we started our morning, so we headed over to Vanguard to rock climb on our rock wall Wally! The Juniors climbed first so we sang Boom chick Boom and then played All Hail the Llama Goat, which was everyone’s favorite game so far. We had a great sun screen party and then the Mighty Eagles explored the awesome ditch, where we saw some snowy egrets while the Rattlesnake Frogs climbed. Everyone got a chance to cli,b up Wally, and they did amazing! Then the Mighty Eagles got to climb and the RFs headed out towards the ditch. When we returned everyone got on the bus and we drove to the F15 pool.

Before we got in we had lunch since everyone was pretty hungry so we sat in the shade and chowed down. After another sunscreen party we did our swim screen and then it was swim time! We spent all day hanging out and playing games in the pool, some people also did lanyards and crafts when they needed a break from the pool. Eventually everyone was out and we all learned how to create our own lanyards. Just as the storm was rolling in we got out of the pool and hopped in the bus right before the drops started to fall. We open our time capsule in the bus, but were cut short by the storm. We drove over to the MCA where we were sheltered from the storm and could finish our day. We sang a new song, Hermy the Worm and of course, our favorite, On Top of Spaghetti! Tomorrow we are going to Cherry Creek for some fishing and exploring.

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