This morning our day began with all of us on the bus, and then we dropped the Juniors off at Morrison. We headed over to Cherry Creek State Park, and sang Tarzan and Peanut Butter Reece’s Cup. Next we played Evilution, and everyone made awesome eggs, chickens and dinosaurs. As usual, we had a sunscreen party, and then we took a short hike around the park where we saw a deer and some pelicans. After our hike we learned to fly fish and made some crazy sunglasses. Afterwards we were all pretty hungry so we had lunch under the shade of the trees by the lake. A deer was resting in the shade next to us, so that was fairly awesome.

After lunch we put on our water shoes and hiked over to a nice section of the beach, where we went wading and played Bail Me Out. Playing in the water felt so good on such a hot day. Those of us who could not go in the water made a raft and sand volcanoes. Finally we hopped on the bus, picked up the Juniors, and made our way back to the Green. At the Green we had snack and then played the mingle game. Everyone got to learn cool new handshakes and spend time with people in the other group. Next we picked out our t-shirts with our new partners using non-verbal communication. Everyone was pretty good at this game. Finally, we decorated our kites that we will fly next week, and ended our day with talking about our Roses and Thorns for the week. Our round of On Top of Spaghetti was the most enthusiastic yet! We hope everyone has a great weekend!

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