We sang quite a few songs in Eldorado Canyon this morning since the Juniors were altogether with the older campers as well! We started with What Can Make a Hippopotamus Smile? and Little Red Wagon. We then showed our friends our tricks in the Circus Song. After a round of Evolution (were you a chicken? an egg? a dinosaur?), the Juniors set off on a trek along beautiful Fowlers Trail. We had lunch in a shady, rocky patch between Rattlesnake Gulch & Fowlers Trails. Our trusty bus driver, Ed, accompanied us on this hike before driving us back to Base Camp. There, we heard a few stories and played freely in the yard. We found a few cool grasshoppers! Next, we drew our own forest that we’ll hang to transform our room into one full of tall, tall trees. Everyone drew beautiful, multicolored tops and bottoms of trees. Finally, we shared our moods from the day using our Mood Dudes and chowed down on snack. Then it was time to head home!

Be sure to check out the pictures from today!

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