Today the Boulder Junior campers went to NCAR!  We started off our day with some sunscreening and water drinking before setting off on a short hike around the NCAR building.  During our hike we played an Alphabet game, in which campers came up with things in nature that started with each letter of the alphabet.  For example A is for Ants, B is for Bark, etc.  After our hike, we ate lunch at some picnic tables by the building, before going into NCAR and looking at the exhibits.  Inside, we learned about everything from lightening to tornadoes.

When we got back to base camp, we had a quiet story time.  Then we made sculptures out of Model Magic clay.  The day ended with an excellent snack.

Get ready for tomorrow juniors, tomorrow is pool day!!!  Please wear your bathing suit under your clothes when you come to camp tomorrow.

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