The Juniors climbed on the bus this morning and headed straight for South Mesa Trailhead. Everyone put on lots of sunscreen and drank from their water bottles before we went over camp rules and played our first game: What Time is it Mr. Hawk? Everyone did a great job embracing our new theme, Birds of a Feather. We went on a trek to our beautiful lunch spot, overlooking the dry creek bed. There, we found some fish and a water snake! Be sure to check out photos! After lunch, it was time to hike back and take the bus back to Base Camp. Our driver, Ed, even shared with us how the bus flies! Back at Base Camp, we decorated our water bottles. They all look so colorful. We had time for some free play before sitting down to name our group. Say hello to the Squeak Squad (Chick-a-dee-dee-dee). We then talked about our roses and thorns from today, sang On Top of Spaghetti, and chowed down on some gorp for snack.

We’re excited to see everyone back for tomorrow, when we’ll go to the Ponds!

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