Today was a slightly tough day for some of our campers, as some of the new friends they had made headed home from camp. We began our day with a delicious breakfast, and then split up. The oldest campers headed back to the river for a third, super-awesome and challenging day of kayaking, while the younger campers played a rousing game of “Minefield” in the gym. They had to verbally lead their blindfolded partners through a “minefield” to pick up the stranded object! After completing this group challenge, they then headed to the pool for an amazing morning swim. Meanwhile, the one-week campers headed to their cabins to make sure they had everything all packed up. Once they were packed, they headed to the pool to join their fellow campers for one final swim!
After swimming, all of the younger campers got dried off and changed, and then met their friends in the gazebo for lunch. We ate a yummy sack lunch in the gazebo, and then waved our one-week camp friends goodbye as they headed home from camp. The remaining younger campers headed back to their cabins for rest hour–several of them took the hour to nap, read, and just generally have some nice quiet time. Meanwhile, the kayakers had a sack lunch next to the river, and had an awesome time playing in the river and cheering on their teammates as they kayaked through the class two rapid. Everyone did great, and everyone had a blast both kayaking and cheering on their friends!
After rest hour, the younger campers played a rousing round of frisbee golf–our camp has an 18-hole course!–and then welcomed the kayakers back in time for organized free play. During organized free, campers had a snack, relaxed, made tumblebugs, enjoyed the camp game room, and had some downtime before dinner. At 6 pm, we all headed to dinner, where we enjoyed a delicious, nutritious meal! After dinner, the camp split up into cabins for a fun games night–the girls played “Down by the Bank” and the boys had rock-throwing contests and stick-floating contests. It was a great, super-fun way to end a really busy day! At around 8:30 pm, we all headed back to our cabins to brush our teeth, take showers, talk about our day, and head to bed. What an awesome week we’ve had!

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