We began our Sunday with a refreshing late wake up (we slept in until 7:30!) and a delicious breakfast. After eating their fill, campers returned to their cabins to get them spick and span for the big inspection by Director Tommy. Then, we headed to the camp gym, where we played a rousing game of “Hail Hippie” and a complicated game of “Insanity.” Both games look very competitive, but they actually take cooperation to win! As the campers pointed out, the only way to win is to make sure that everyone wins. Then, we headed into the wild for some extreme cabin vs wild!

Campers headed into the woods armed with their knowledge, their counselors, a tarp, some rope, some webbing, and the information that a “storm” was coming and they needed to build a shelter that would hold all of them. We had a lot of fun discussing different ways of using both our materials and the natural world around us to create awesome-looking, viable shelters. And sure enough, each group successfully stayed dry and warm when the “storm” (Director Jen with some nalgenes full of water) swept over them!

After surviving the storm in our wonderful shelters, we headed back to Grizzly Jack (the camp dining hall) for a yummy lunch, followed by a rejuvenating rest hour. Then, we headed back to the Commons for some exciting team challenges–campers participated in water cup races, puzzled through the human knot, attempted to help their friends navigate a very tricky maze while blindfolded, and worked together using sound to arrive at the same finishing point from different starting places. It was very exciting to watch the campers working together and learning how to communicate to achieve their goals.

At 3:15, our new second-week campers and counselors arrived to great excitement! We all ran to greet them warmly, and helped them move their gear into their respective cabins. Then, we all headed together to the pool to spend some time swimming and getting to know each other. Some of Counselor Pete’s flips and dives were truly amazing! The campers also enjoyed playing water basketball and volleyball, and several chose to chill out while floating with a pool noodle for support.

After swimming, we headed back to our cabins, changed, and headed to the camp gym and game room for some organized free time. Campers had some delicious GORP for snack, and got the chance to play games with their friends or just relax and take some personal downtime. Counselors helped start lanyards and hemp bracelets, and some campers even made some very elaborate tumblebugs! After free time, we headed to Grizzly Jack for some delectable supper–campers are very good about drinking water at dinner!

We ended our evening with a second-week opening campfire–we enjoyed s’mores! and songs down by the river, and Director Tommy even played the guitar for us. Counselor Steve led us in a rendition of the “Baaarr!” skit–ask your camper to show you how it’s done! We ended the evening by heading back to our cabins for a candlelight ceremony, showers, and some much needed rest. Everyone is really excited to go rafting tomorrow!

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