We had a fun filled day up at NCAR, we played some games (Egg, Chicken and Dino game)  and sang great songs (Spaceship). We went for a short hike, and just looked out over Boulder. The view was amazing! During our hike, we stopped to use our imaginations and build animal houses using resources we found on the ground around us. Then we sang some more songs (little red wagon). We hiked down and played around in NCAR for awhile. The group really loved the mini tornado in NCAR, and the lightning. Ed drove us back to base camp and we had rest time/story time. Then free play and made crazy sunglasses for pool day tomorrow. At the end of the day we had our GORP snack and sang some more songs lead by Z. Tomorrow is Climbing wall (“Wally”) and Pool day!!! Remember to come in your swimsuits!

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