Today, we started out with singing On Top of Spaghetti, by request, and playing Park Ranger. We took a photo in our cool AO t-shirts, ordered gorp, and got to see Wally, our 26-ft rock-climbing wall, wake up! We each got a turn to climb as high as we could. After lunch, we learned that Spruce Pool was still closed and that we wouldn’t be going swimming. Instead, we played in sprinklers and with the hose. We drew on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk and rinsed the chalk off our hands in the cool water. We played ship-island and blew bubbles. After reading two stories & playing sleeping bunnies, we mixed and ate our Triple Fun Gorp. Everyone had the same rose and thorn: the rose was playing in the sprinklers and the thorn was that the pool was closed. This resilient group had a super fun day in spite of the change in plans!

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