We had an awesome final day of session one! We spent the day back in beautiful Eldorado Canyon–we began our day with some super-fun songs, including “Boom-chicka-boom” and “Little Red Wagon,” Then, we played our session’s favorite game, Evolution. Ask your camper how it’s played! The groups then separated to sunscreen up and do some of their favorite activities; the Flaming Purple Plutonium Ploppy Peppers headed to the Ranger’s Station to practice their skit and work on their time capsule project, while the Pickleberry Kumquats did some role playing and learned about various back-pocket activities. Meanwhile, the Skeletons and the George McOutdoor Griffins headed up to the ruins of the old hotel. It was an epic hike! Check out our photos to see pics of the great time we had!

In the afternoon, we came together as a camp to do our cabin group skits–we saw the Junior Leaders do the improv game “Freeze,” a lovely rendition of Cone-meo and Needle-et by the Flaming P4s, a song by the GMcOG’s, and a Ninja skit by the Skeletons. Then, we closed up the time capsule–it was really exciting to see what each group put in to this year’s time capsule!

We hope you all had a great session–we certainly did! We hope to see you again either this summer or next!

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