Today, the Juniors started the day at South Mesa trail with the Eldorado Canyon campers. We sang Little Red Wagon, Princess Pat, and the Hippo Song. Hippo Position- hutt! Then, we played/sang “Funky Chicken.” Let me see your funky chicken, juniors! We headed up the trail to see some cool sights, including a rabbit, birds, mountains, and very busy ants. We spent a few moments making animal/fairy/ant/bird houses before we chowed down. On the way back to the bus, we saw how long we could work together to keep a train of children together, and sang Three Short-Necked Buzzards and Hole in the Bottom of the Sea. At base camp, we had fun animal yoga. Everyone loved it! Next, we agreed on our group code, and shared our roses and thorns as we ate snack. Please wear your t-shirts tomorrow; we’re taking our pictures!

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