We had an awesome first day of session 3! We began our morning with some fun morning songs, including Tarzan and Get Loose. Then, we played a quick all-camp game of Commonalities to see what we had in common with other campers–it was fun to hear what we all had in common! After that, the groups separated out to meet their cabin groups, get water, and put on some sunscreen. Each group played some entertaining name games, decorated their camp water bottles, and had a chance to work together to name their cabin group. This session, we have the Great Hiking Horned Hippos, the Awesome Coconut Squirrels, the Sorry Pasta Ninjas from Outerspace, the Ninja Hippogriff Serpents, and the Swinging Monkey Poisonous Rattlesnakes. Ask your camper his/her group’s name! Groups also had a chance to explore the canyon and plan out their next few days, building consensus with their cabin groupmates. We finished the day with some delicious fruit and nut bars for snack, and ended with a few quieter songs, including the Canoe Song. We ended with our standard On Top of Spaghetti. We had a great day!

Tomorrow, we are back in the canyon for an awesome second day of camp! See you there!

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