This week, since we have a small group of amazing campers, we’ve been allowing the campers to lead us! They have stepped up their game and lead some great camp songs, suggested really fun activities, and even lead a few games like Egg, Chicken, Dinosaur on Monday!

The Blue Spy Jets had a blast on Monday at Morrison Nature Center building boats to float in Sand Creek, Flying Kites, and building Tumble Bugs. They stayed hydrated and got drenched multiple times with the spray bottles to stay cool.

On Tuesday we made our trek to Eldorado Canyon State Park. We sang songs the entire bus ride there, and then hiked to the famous cave once we arrived. The campers learned the Legend of Shock-T, and were inspired to hike further after that. They also had a blast doing 3 climbs each at rock climbing with our guide named Rainbow.

Everyone was tired and most kids slept on the way home! It was an outstanding day!


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    Great posts, & *Please add two links on the AO Blog page for convenience: a link to the PHOTOS gallery page, and one back to the Main AO Camp homepage (website). Unless Im totally dense, I could not find an easy linkage, nor can my Chrome browse backwards to your AO main web page where I clicked on the blog posts from and got here-Thanks!

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