Our final Friday of session 3 was amazing! We began our day with some great morning songs, including Little Red Wagon and Head and Shoulders, Baby. Then, we sunscreened up and began our day! The Ninja Hippogriff Serpents headed up to the hotel, while other groups enjoyed hiking over to the rangers’ station and playing on the pad. We had a great morning doing clay, puzzle pieces, journals, teambuilding games, and more! In the afternoon, we did our cabin group skits; it was so fun to see what campers had come up with to entertain and amaze their camp-mates! Then, we sealed up our time capsule; each group put a project in that next year’s session 3 campers will discover. Then, we finished our afternoon with some delicious gorp mixed by the Swingin’ Monkey Poisonous Rattlesnakes. Yum! We headed home at the end of the day, with good friends and full tummies. See you either next session or next summer!

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