We had an awesome Tuesday in the canyon–we began our day with some fun morning songs, including Fred the Moose and The Princess Pat. Then, we played Oh Deer!, a nifty game wherein campers act like deer trying to find enough resources to survive. If the deer can’t find the resource he/she needs, she becomes a resource for the next round. It was great fun! Following an emergency drill, we split into our four cabin groups–the Pink Purple Talking Parrots, the Electric Explosive Zombified Dragon Eels, the Rattlesnake Viper Ninjas from Outer Space, and the Soaring Blue Eagles and Firehawks. Each group had the chance to go an a terrific hike–one group went to the cave, another to the hotel, another up Eldo trail, and another to the ranger’s station! In the afternoon, groups had a chance to do some different crafts, such as spongebugs and popsicle stick creations. We ended the day with some delicious gorp and quieter afternoon songs, including I Love the Mountains and On Top of Spaghetti.

Tomorrow, we’re headed to the pool! We’ll see you there!

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