Up to the canyon the Juniors went again today! We started out with round of songs–the Moose Song, the Princess Pat–and a game of Park Ranger. Ask which animal your camper was during this game. We also played What Time is It Mr. Fox? Both groups trekked out the Fowler Trail. It was worth the walk! Lunch was overlooking lots of rock climbers and near some binoculars. After lunch, we hiked  back, and heard about the story of Shock-T, the hotel caretaker way back in the 1900s. We also heard about the time Sarah saw a meteorite! Back at base camp, we rested our bodies for a few minutes before the Super Secret Diamond Mockingjay Pins (Pens) made fossil rubbings and the Red Shark Spider People made pet rocks! Over a snack of gorp, we shared our roses and thorns. Today was an extra-fun day, see you tomorrow!

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