Crawdads, fish, guppies everywhere! The juniors caught LOTS of fish today. We started the day singing on the bus with everyone: Rattlin’ Bog and Titanic. When we circled up, we sang the Fishing Song and the Moose Song before we played electricity. We slathered on the sunscreen and split into two groups: one making reptile masks and one going fishing. After lunch, we switched. We drank so much water we thought we might turn into fish. Back at base camp, we heard a story while we rested our bodies. Then, we mixed the Incredibly Secret Pretty Fire-Breathing Komodo Dragon Dinosaur’s gorp, and chowed down. While we ate, we shared something in the gorp that reminded us of the day. Sounded like everyone had a lot of fun fishing! Sleep tight, and see you tomorrow for pool day. Don’t forget your towel!

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