The Juniors ended the summer with a spectacular day! We climbed Wally in the morning, and a few campers even reached the top. When we weren’t climbing, we were making popsicle stick crafts, drawing with chalk, and writing thank you notes to everyone who helped make this camp possible. After a delicious, nutritious lunch, we hit the pool dressed in our bathing suits and looooads of sunscreen. Everyone had a lot of fun chasing the Junior Leaders and putting them in “jail.” We wore ourselves out swimming and playing, and came back for a quick story, followed by eating the Gooey Squishy Snakes’ gorp recipe. It was scrumptious!  During snack, we said nice things to each other and told the Junior Leaders how much they helped us this week. Thank you for an exceptional last week! Enjoy the rest of the summer, and see you next year!

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