We had a fantastic Thursday at sleep away camp! We woke up full of energy; some campers began singing camp songs before their feet even hit the floor! Campers headed to breakfast at 8, and then gathered on the Green to sing some songs and begin their day. We started our Thursday with an all-camp game of “Gold Rush.” Working together, campers had to find the “gold” hidden all around the camp and bring it back to the bank. However, they also had to avoid the “gold robbers,” (Director Jen, Counselor Krista and Nurse Stephanie) who could steal gold from cabin groups by tagging campers. It was great fun! The campers had a wonderful time tricking the gold robbers (as it turns out, the gold robbers were not too bright, and could be tricked by clever campers) and searching out all of the gold in the area. After the gold was all safely in the bank, campers had a chance to discuss how the game went; several campers said that, if they were to play it again, they would team up with other groups earlier rather than later in the game. This was because once they teamed up, they were able to trap the robbers and win the game!

Having beaten the robbers, campers had a chance to take a water break and relax on the green before lunch. The lanyard “store” also opened during this time, and so campers had the chance to order and begin lanyards–expect to see lots of lanyards in campers’ bags when they return home! Once everyone who wanted had gotten a lanyard, it was time for lunch, and so we washed hands and headed inside for some delicious food. After lunch, it was time for rest hour; campers had a chance to nap, write letters home, rest, or, as you might expect, work quietly on their lanyards!

When rest hour finished, we re-convened on the green, and campers had a chance to do their choice activities. Some campers went on a great trail hike, some went horseback riding, and some learned how to fly fish! Campers really enjoyed the chance to do the activities they had chosen when they signed up for camp–the horseback riders especially were excited to get another chance to ride “their” horses from Tuesday. 🙂 While there was some rain during the afternoon, it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits; the hikers were excited to hike in the rain, and so when it began sprinkling, they simply put on their rain gear and kept going! The fly fishers enjoyed learned how to cast into hula hoops in the gym, and almost caught a fish in the end.

Everyone met up just before dinner for a little free time in the gym; campers enjoyed painting, playing basketball, or chilling out with their counselors before a delicious italian-themed dinner. After dinner, we all headed back to our cabins for warm clothes before heading down to the campfire for our middle ceremony campfire! Even though it was a little rainy, we had a great time–campers roasted marshmallows and made s’mores, and Director Tom explained how to roast the perfect ‘mallow. Then, campers had a chance to show their appreciation for each other through a head tapping activity; campers touched everyone on the head who had made them laugh during the week, or had helped them out, or had become a new friend. We said goodbye to our one-week campers with a great keylog ceremony–campers got to throw a twig in the fire as they said the one word that described their time at camp. Most common was “friendship,” followed by “laughter” and “teamwork.” Then, we sang some closing songs to finish out our evening and headed to bed. It was a wonderful evening that reflected the amazing time we’ve had at camp this past week.

That said, we’re looking forward to a wonderful weekend and an even more fantastic second week! Coming up: tie-dye, kites, swimming, hiking, and more!

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