We had a great Friday at Sleep Away camp 2012! We began our morning with some delicious omelets for breakfast, and then headed back to our cabins to clean up and get ready for the day. After some energetic morning songs, the one-weekers got ready to head back home, while the campers staying for two weeks played a fun game of Giants, Wizards and Elves. Then, the campers staying for two weeks got to tie-dye bandanas! It was fantastic; the campers really took their time selecting their tie-dye colors, and managed to create some fabulous designs on the bandanas. Check out our photos website (photos.aocamps.com, see your camp account for the password), to see some detailed pictures! In the midst of tie-dying, we paused to hug and wave goodbye to the one-week campers–we loved having them with us for a whole week, and hope to see them again next year!

Meanwhile, the campers staying for two weeks completed their tie-dying project and then had a chance to create holders for their water bottles; it gets tough to lug around a water bottle for two whole weeks! So, campers had the chance to add a line and hook onto their water bottle, so that they can clip it to their belt loop or backpack, if they wish. Once we’d completed our awesome morning crafts, and each camper had a unique, wholly personalized tie-dye bandana, we washed our hands and headed in for some delicious tacos for lunch!

(Note to parents: please wash your camper’s tie-dye bandana separately the first time it gets washed! One wash will set the dye and then it can be washed with similar colors; however, it will bleed during its first wash. So, to avoid tie-dyed clothes, please wash it separately the first time!)

After lunch, we headed back to our cabins for a relaxing rest hour; campers slept, wrote letters home, and read, and some took the time to take a nice long shower! Then, we headed to the hot springs pool for some swimming! It was great fun; campers enjoyed pool volleyball, pool basketball, jumping off the diving board, and cheering on the counselors as they went off the diving board. A great time was had by all! After swimming, we headed back to our cabins to change, and then headed to the gym for some organized free time. Campers hung out in the gym, the game room, and on the camp green, making lanyards, weaving friendship bracelets, playing basketball, ping pong, pool, and air hockey, and generally enjoying each other’s and the counselors’ company. Campers also had a chance to order and eat their very own gorp mix for snack–it was delicious!

When free time finished, we washed our hands and headed into dinner; once again, campers commented that camp food is “the best food ever!” At the end of dinner, we all headed back to our cabins to change into warmer clothes or pjs, and then met in the gym for movie night. We had some yummy popcorn and water, and watched Monsters, Inc. on the big screen! It was pretty funny; campers laughed the whole way through. When the movie finished, we sang our classic closing song, “Day is Done,” and headed back to our cabins to brush our teeth, do end-of-day cabin group ceremonies and get ready for bed. Lights were out by 9:30pm, campers tired from another great day!

Coming up Saturday: cabin inspection, Auction!, Facepainting, and Minute-to-Win-It!

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