We had a fabulous Saturday at sleep away camp! We began our day with a delicious breakfast, and then headed back to our cabins to do a BIG cabin clean-up. Campers put their dirty laundry out to be washed, straightened their beds, cleaned up their toiletries and generally made their cabins look completely clean and ship-shape! Director Tom came around to inspect the cabins, and all of the cabin groups passed, which was very exciting.

After cabin inspection, we met on the green, and, after morning songs, our great weekend game of auction began! Cabin groups had a chance to accomplish different tasks in order to earn points, which could then be used for our camp auction, to be held on Sunday. Cabin groups had to work together to accomplish the possible tasks–different tasks included creating a waterproof tent out of rope and a tarp (we checked–with a bucket of water–to see if it was really waterproof!), creating a zoo (with at least ten different animals and habitats!) out of pipe cleaners, building a bridge out of toothpicks and packing peanuts that could hold a camp water bottle, naming all of the campers at camp, and making a mural depicting the cabin group’s time at camp using sidewalk chalk. Campers really had a great time accomplishing these tasks, and worked together to earn points for their cabin! (See photos for some of their accomplished tasks at photos.aocamps.com-the password is in your camp account!)

After winning as many points as they could during the morning, campers headed back to their cabins to wash up for lunch. We had a relaxing lunch at Grizzly Jacks, the camp dining hall, and then headed back to our cabins for rest hour. Cabin groups had the chance to win more points during rest hour–Director Jen came to each cabin and checked to see if every camper was in his/her bunk. If they were, the cabin earned some extra points! After rest hour, we headed to the camp pool for a swim, and had a chance to meet those campers’ parents who chose to visit. Swimming was fantastic; campers’ jumps off the board were really creative and fun, and they had a good time treating Director Tom like a jungle gym in the water. 🙂

We hopped out of the pool around 4:15, headed back to our cabins to change, and then headed to the gym for some well-earned free time. Campers had a chance to make their very own gorp mix for snack, and also got to show their parents around, play in the game room, and hang out with their counselors. We also opened up the camp costume room; campers had a great time playing dress-up and make-believe! At the end of free time, we washed our hands in the gym and headed down to dinner, which was delicious as per usual. Then, we headed back to our cabins to get changed into warmer clothes and to get ready for AO camps Minute-to-Win-It!!

AO camps Minute-to-Win-It was fantastic; every camper got the chance to participate, and each had one minute to accomplish a different feat. Some campers had to balance golf balls on top of each other (it’s possible!), while others had to shoot rubber bands at soda cans to knock them down. Some had to flip pencils in their hands, some had to play office tennis (clipboards for rackets and a wad of paper for a ball), and some had to wrap themselves in a whole roll of toilet paper without breaking it! Everyone had a great time, and we all got a delicious cookie as a special treat! (because one of the tasks involved working a cookie from your forehead to your mouth using only your facial muscles.) Campers really cheered each other on and had a great time!

At the end of Minute-to-Win-It, we began calming down for the end of the day. We circled up and sang our end of day song, “Day Is Done,” and then campers headed back to their cabins to brush their teeth and head to bed. All in all, a wonderful day at sleep away camp!

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