Today was the first awesome day of the 2013 Altogether Outdoors Intermediate Summer Camp in Eldorado Canyon. Based on the enthusiasm of the campers today I am sure there will be many more to come. Today, campers participated in a number of songs and games following a useful orientation. Campers have already demonstrated their ability to grow and work as a team through a series of team building exercises. Of course, we also kept safe from the sun by participating in several sunscreen parties.

Today all of the campers were also split up into their cabin groups which they all contributed to naming the groups. The cabin group names for the first session of 2013 are the Rainbow Unicorn Narwhales, the Two-Headed Shape-Shifting Monkey Dragons, the Technology Plutonium Golden Eagles, and the Adventurous Sasquatch Vampires. These are definitely some of the most exciting team names developed at camp yet.

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