Today we started by singing a couple of camp songs!  Little Red Wagon and Boom Chicka was how we started the morning.

After morning songs we played fun running games named Foxtails and Ship and Island.  The campers and I had a great time learning different Ship and Island commands like “Captain’s Coming,” “At Ease,” “Man Overboard,” “Sea Sick” and “Mop the floor.”

We were able to create our very own water bottle labels to keep us hydrated throughout the week. After decorating water bottles we headed over to the beautiful Chautauqua park, where we came up with our group name – Boom Boom Pow Rainbow Butterflies!  We also reenacted weather patterns like RAIN, SUNSHINE, TORNADO, and SNOW!

Once we got back from Chautauqua we had relaxation time including story time, creating a code for camp, snack, and coloring our favorite weather.

We ended the day singing “You are my Sunshine,” and the “Spaghetti Song.”

We can’t wait to see all of our friends tomorrow!  Luckily we’ll be getting a little cooler weather!

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