This morning the Boom Boom Pow Rainbow Butterflies got to take a bus ride to Eldorado State Park with the rest of the Boulder campers, where we started the day singing many songs and playing a group game called Evolution.

We spent the second half of the morning hiking around Eldorado State Park and playing a game everyone really enjoyed called Stalk the Deer.  Campers used fantastic stalking techniques like being light on their feet and moving slowly to try to sneak up to the (counselor) deer.

We played the “I’m going on a trip” name game before lunch, and after lunch spent a lot of time making bug houses.  Every camper did a great job of leaving no trace and returning the environment to how it was before we got there.  Right before leaving the park we learned the “10 second camo” game.  I’m excited to play this game again with everyone later in the week!

On the bus ride back we sang more songs and then created marble paper as a craft.

We ended the day having a story time, snack time and singing more songs.  The game “Wax Museum” was played and we gave thanks before we left for the day.

Thanks for such an awesome day, Boom Boom Pow Rainbow Butterflies!  We can’t wait to see you again tomorrow!

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