Cold, nor rain, nor clouds could damper the excitement of the first batch of 2013 Explorers and Juniors. Everyone boarded our new bus and headed over to Morrison Nature Center for a day of fun! Explorers kicked off the day with some loud versions of “Tarzan”, “Around the World”, and “Little Red Wagon. With most campers all warmed up, we moved on to a game of “Ship/Island”; campers especially enjoyed pretending they were seasick.

Both Explorer and Junior campers got to make their water bottles, play some name games and explore the beautiful grassy prairie (there were reports of deer, blue heron and foxes from hikers).

Tomorrow AO Camps head to the National Wildlife Refuge! Campers will get t-shirts, learn new songs and do some exploration (maybe even see some of the nesting bald eagles and buffalo in the Refuge) Stay tuned for some pictures!

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