The Eldorado Canyon campers had an awesome day of fishing in the morning, and archery in the afternoon! In the a.m., we headed to Sawhill Ponds, where we sang some fun morning songs and slathered on sunscreen before fishing. With the help of our Driver, Ed, we caught several sunfish and even a trout that was THIS BIG! It was very exciting to see such a big fish, and we even got to pet the fish (gently, with one finger, so we didn’t hurt him). After we finished up fishing, we ate some delicious lunch and then headed back to base camp for a fun-filled afternoon. Groups worked on their time capsule projects, created some nifty spongebugs, worked on their skits, and all did archery with our activities specialist Mike. It was lots of fun! We finished off our day with some yummy gorp mixed by the Monkey-Dragons, and closed with some quieter afternoon songs before getting on the bus and heading home. Tomorrow’s our final day of the session; we’re excited to be back in the Canyon!

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