The Boulder Juniors had an action packed day! We began our day singing songs and playing games where we got to share fun facts about ourselves with all of our friends. Then we made and decorated our own journals with color pieces of scrapbook paper. We took our journals outside and drew pictures of different birds, trees, and sounds that we heard around us. After a scrumptious lunch and playtime we got to do archery! The Juniors had a great time learning how to shoot a bow and arrow and some of our campers even got close to hitting a bull’s eye! The Juniors even got to play in the mud and have a “mud party” while they were waiting for their friends to finish. After we cleaned up we got to design and order our own gorp to eat on Friday. The Juniors decided to name their creation “Princess Ninja Gorp.” We ended the day by singing songs, eating snack, and playing some closing games. We are looking forward to pool day tomorrow!

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