We had an awesome final day of session 1! We began our day with some fun morning songs, including Great Big Moose, Baby Bumblebee, and Brown Squirrel. Then, we played one last round of Evolution–ask your camper how to play! We then put on sunscreen and split up into our cabin groups for a great morning of fun. The Sasquatch Vampires hiked up to the old hotel, while the Unicorn Narwhales and the Plutonium Eagles worked on their skit, and the Monkey-Dragons played with clay and worked on their rock wall. We all ate some delicious lunch in our cabin groups, and played fun games in the afternoon, including zebra-conicous tag and duck-duck-goose. Then, we gathered together to watch the cabin group skits; they were fantastic, and very entertaining to campers and counselors alike! After their skits, groups did a closing activity, and then we joined together to eat some yummy gorp for snack and to close our time capsule! Each cabin group presented an item for the time capsule, which will remain closed until session 1 of 2014! We had an awesome first session of camp, and hope to see you all again soon!

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