This morning we were able to hop right on the bus to head to Eldorado!  Once we got to Eldorado we sang songs with all of the campers, like Tarzan, the Beaver Song, and one of my favorites, Get Loose, Get Funky.

After songs we played an all camp game of Ship and Island.  We learned fun prompts like “Captain’s Coming,” “Mermaid,” “Pirate,” “Sea Sick,” and “Man Overboard.”

We played so much Ship and Island we got super thirsty, which was perfect timing to decorate water bottles.  All of the campers shared with the group what they put on their water bottle.

After enjoying lunchtime we went over general camp rules, played a name game, and asked the campers what insects like rain (because a rainstorm was heading into the canyon).

We got a little damp from the rain and headed to the bus to get back to base camp.  While at base came we had playtime, we transitioned into sidewalk chalk.  Campers drew their favorite bugs and insects using a variety of colors.

We ended the day creating a cabin name!  We are going to be called “Firefly Starlight Starbright Lightening Zeuses”!  After creating cabin name we had a granola bar for snack, read a couple of stories, then ended the day with songs.  Two campers shared their favorite song which was “Colorado 14ers.”

We’re headed to Eldorado again tomorrow and there might be more rain so please bring a rain jacket!

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