We had an awesome first day of the session! We began our day in beautiful Eldorado Canyon, singing some energetic morning songs. We sang The Beaver Song, Tarzan, and Get Loose, all of which the campers really enjoyed, and then played an all-camp game of Ship-Island! The campers really liked doing the different movements in the game. Then, we split into cabin groups for the day, and groups picked their group names. We have The Dancing Pega-corns and Ninja Minotaurs, The Sympathetic Diabetic Old Men on Roller Skates Living the High Life, and The Incredible Superstar Neon Stinky Dinosaurs! Campers also created their water bottles, and had a chance to explore the canyon a little bit. After slathering on sunscreen, we got rained on a little bit, but it was okay because we all had our rain jackets and camp canopies! Cabin groups played name games, had free time, and enjoyed their first day at camp. We ended our day with some delicious fruit and nut bars for snack, and some quieter afternoon songs. Then, we hopped on the bus to head home! Tomorrow, we’re back in the canyon for a fun-filled day of activities! See you then!

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