The Denver Juniors had a fantastic Tuesday!

Our day began with versions of “Da Moose, Da Moose” and “Little Red Wagon.”  All of us had fun trying on the different actions and voices – many of which were quite silly.  After song time, all three cabin groups had the opportunity to hike around the lakes at the National Wildlife Refuge.  Everyone was able to have a nice, relaxing lunch in the shade, and some were able to watch the Explorers as they fished from the boardwalk.

At midday, all of us returned to base camp to practice our hands at archery.  All the kids had a lot of practice time, and they amazed their counselors with their quickly improving skills.  While one cabin group was practicing archery, the other two had time to create their cabin group codes and names, in addition to time for some snack and relaxation.

It was a great day filled with fun, and I can’t wait until the fun continues tomorrow!

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