We played a super-awesome game of predator/prey today at our new camp property, Camp Wondervu! It was fantastic; cabin groups were different animals who needed to find different amounts of food, water, and shelter. Campers had the chance to explore all around the camp property while looking for their food, shelter, and water tokens. Ask your camper about the game! We put on plenty of sunscreen, and drank lots of water, because we were really high up. After our all-camp game, we ate lunch and created kites and marble paper. It was really fun to fly our kites when the wind started blowing! In the afternoon, we ate some yummy gorp for snack, and sang some quieter afternoon songs to finish off our day. Then, we packed up the bus and headed home! Tomorrow is our final day of this camp session–we’ll be back in Eldorado Canyon, and it should be an awesome final day!

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