This morning we packed up our bags and headed on the bus to Eldorado State Park with all of the older campers!  We sang songs as a group and even played an exciting game of Ship and Island.

Preparing for our hike, we put on sunscreen, then journeyed to the other side of the river for lunch.  After lunch we hiked back across the river and learned about camp rules like Leave No Trace and keeping one foot on the ground at all times.  Storms started rolling in so we felt like it was a great time to head back to base camp.

At base camp all campers got a chance for some free play to get good and hungry for delicious snack time – GORP!  Following GORP we made cabin names, but because the end of the day was sneaking up on us, we’re going to continue this tomorrow.    We ended the day singing the hippo song.

Tomorrow we’re heading back to Eldo – see you soon!

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