This morning we got on the bus again and headed back to Eldo.  This time we got to sing Around the World and Ticky-Ticky-Tumba with the group.  We also played a game of Resources which taught us really cool things about the amount of resources versus the amount of animals in the forest!  After the all camp game, we sunscreened up and headed up Fowler trail.

Fowler trail was gloriously shady and we got to go pretty far before stopping to do some climber watching with the binoculars.  We then ate some lunch and hiked up to the second lookout spot and watched even more climbers through the binoculars.  We also played an exciting game of cat and mouse on the way back down the trail.

After arriving back at base camp we had a little bit of free time then some GORP for snack.  We ended the day creating beautiful marble paint and singing songs.

Tomorrow we’re heading to South Mesa trailhead!  See you soon!

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