This morning we started by singing camp song favorites like Brown Squirrel, Boom Chicka and Swimming Pool (to get ready for swimming day!).  We then got to play What Time is it Mr. Fox with our Junior Leader Alyssa as Mr. Fox.  Afterwards, Tommy and Mike had archery and our climbing wall, Wally, all set up and we all took turns shooting arrows and climbing as high as we wanted.

We climbed and did archery for the rest of the morning and after a full body sunscreen we sat and ate our lunches to get some energy to play in the pool.  We were able to splash and play in the pool for quite a while and right towards the end the lifeguards saw lightening so we packed up and headed back to base camp.

Campers and counselors ate our last serving of GORP and had some free time to play.  We ended the day signing thank you cards for some camp folks, playing outside and singing a camp favorite, Baba-la-goom-bala.

Thanks for another great week at camp!  We hope to see everyone next year!

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