We had a great final friday of camp in the canyon! We began our day with some fun morning songs, including “Humba-humba,” The Moose Juice Song, and The Peel Banana Song. Campers then enjoyed a classic game of Ship-Island; we loved following all of the silly commands! After playing, campers put on sunscreen and began their cabin activities. The Strong and Fast Tiger-Cheetahs went on a Shock-T adventure, while the Tiny Ninja Turtles from Pluto had to find their counselor, who mysteriously went missing! Luckily he left some clues, and the group was able to find him eventually. Meanwhile, the Purple Octopusses that Eat Chocolate Cheetahs created some cool sundials and examined owl pellets. After lunch, we all got together to do our camp skits–campers had fun entertaining each other on our camp stage! We then did some closing teambuilding activities with our cabin groups, and closed up our session time capsule–it won’t be opened until 2014’s session 4! We sang On Top of Spaghetti to end our day, and then packed up the bus and headed home! Campers really enjoyed singing on the bus–ask your camper about their favorite bus song! Thanks for a great session, and a great summer of camp; see you next summer!

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