We had an awesome first day of sleep away camp! We began our day with some delicious pancakes for breakfast, then headed back to our cabins to put on sunscreen and do “camp tidy” before meeting at the camp field to sing some morning songs. We began with a camp classic, Tarzan, and also did Fred the Moose and the Beaver Song. Then, we played a great game of Ship-Island; ask your campers how to play! After getting all warmed up, cabin groups had a chance to participate in different teambuilding activities, as well as make some great camp water bottles. Campers lowered a ‘magic’ hoop to the ground, walked on our camp skis, built structures with giant Toobeez, and more! While teambuilding, we drank lots of water from our brand new water bottles!

We had some wonderful grilled cheese for lunch, and then headed back to our cabins for a nice quiet rest hour. After relaxing for an hour, we started our Choice activities rotation. Campers could choose to learn juggling, create yarn art, sketch a piece of nature, participate in a camp service project, or play lawn games like bocce, croquet, and slacklining! We had a great time, and when it rained a bit, we just moved the fun indoors! After our Choice activities, we had some popcorn for snack, and headed back to the camp field for free play. Campers had the chance to relax and organize their own games–some chose to make bug houses, while others played soccer, volleyball, and more!

At dinner, we had some great barbecued chicken and corn–it was yummy! Then, we headed back to our cabins to change into some warm clothes for our evening program. For our evening program, we had a Dutch Auction; cabin groups, using costumes, made up and performed skits about different items that Program Director Jen called out. We saw skits about human-sized frisbees, and about a new Disney/Pixar film! We all had a great time being silly and fun. We closed our day with some quieter evening songs, including Country Roads, and then headed back to our cabins for lights out.

Tomorrow, we’ve got lots of fun planned, including Horseback Riding, Hiking, Gold Rush, and more!

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