Explorers – First Day of Camp!

The Explorers started off their day at Morrison Nature Center singing songs like “Brown Squirrel,” “Tarzan,” and “Around the World.” Then they broke off into their smaller cabin groups to do some “getting to know each other” activities such as name games, creating secret handshakes, and, as a team, coming up with cabin group names (we have some creative names this session: Champions of America, The Black Spotted Flying Penguins, to name a few). For arts and crafts they decorated and personalized AO supplied water bottles. After a hot day of exploring and fun, they ended with some slower paced songs like “I Love the Mountains” and “On Top of Spaghetti.”

Explorers – Tuesday

The Explorers split their time on Tuesday between the National Wildlife Refuge and Hangar 61, where they climbed the rock wall. The morning was spent playing group games and hiking around Lake Ladora at the NWR. It was a hot day, but the cabin groups persevered and made it all the way around the lake – a total of about two miles! After lunch each cabin group got to climb “Wally,” AO’s rock wall. They then enjoyed snack time and closing songs.

Explorers – Wednesday

Despite the overcast day, the Explorers managed to have a really awesome time at the National Wildlife Refuge! The day began with an all cabin group hike to the contact station; the hike was only two miles there and back, but they saw lots of wildlife including bison, rabbits, and birds. After lunch the smaller cabin groups got together to do team building exercises like “Spiderweb” (see photo blog!) and to create their “Cabin Code.” “Cabin Codes” are rules and expectations that the campers and counselors have for each other while at camp to ensure safety and fun for all. The Explorers ended the day with songs over some tasty Goldfish. They even managed to successfully sing “I Love the Mountains” in the round! The bus ride back was also filled with group songs!

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