We had a really fun first Wednesday at sleep away camp! We began our day with some yummy biscuits and gravy, and then headed off to our activities! The two week campers did some fun horseback riding through the Indian Peaks–we saw some great views, and enjoyed meeting different horses!–while the one week campers did archery, fished, and climbed. The campers really enjoyed getting better at archery and fishing; they learned that if you practice, you improve!

We had some good chicken nuggets for lunch, and then relaxed for rest hour. Some campers even took a nap! After rest hour, the two week campers headed off to their adventure track activities, backpacking and kayaking, while the one week campers did choice activities. The kayakers practiced their wet exits–the lake was a little chilly, but everyone did a great job!–while the backpackers learned all about how to properly pack a big backpack. Meanwhile, the one week campers enjoyed walking on our camp slackline (with a shoulder assist from another camper), playing “off-road” croquet, doing leatherworking, and landscaping our traffic circle to make it look gorgeous!

We had some yummy popcorn for snack, and then the campers had a chance to chill out during free time. Some campers played tetherball, while others enjoyed making bug houses, talking, and playing volleyball. We had some yummy dinner, and then put on our warm clothes for evening program. We played Minute to Win It! It was so fun–campers got a chance to try their hand at different tasks, including Face the Cookie and Hoop the Can. It was a great time! Then, we sang our closing song and headed back to our cabins for lights out. What a fun day!

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