We had a fun Sunday here at sleep away camp! We began with a lazy breakfast–it was fun to sleep in for an hour, and then to see Director Tommy cook the camper’s breakfast orders! Campers could choose their omelet ingredients, and whether they wanted plain or fruit pancakes. It was good fun! After breakfast, we did our big camp clean; campers cleaned their cabins, and then helped clean the lodge, meeting hall, and bathhouse. Everyone helped, so it went really quickly! After making camp shine, we had time to play an awesome game of Gold Rush–the campers tried to find the missing gold and bring it back to the safe point, all while avoiding the greedy Gold Robbers, who tried to tag the campers and take away their gold. It was exciting! Eventually, the campers worked together to defeat the robbers and win the day.

After Gold Rush, we all headed to lunch, where we had some yummy enchiladas. We timed it perfectly; it rained during lunch, and then cleared up so that we could head back to our cabins for rest hour! Several campers took naps; all that running around for Gold Rush was tiring! After rest hour, campers had another chance to do choice activities–some chose to do archery, while others chose to play frisbee golf or make candles. The frisbee golf course was fun, but challenging!

Meanwhile, our one-week campers arrived, and had a chance to unpack and take a tour of the camp with their counselors. Then, at 4:30, everyone met at the camp field for some snack and free time. The campers enjoyed having individual orders of gorp for snack! After snack, the one-week campers continued on their tour and played name games to get to know each other, while the two-week campers enjoyed talking with each other, playing the guitar, and doing lanyards.

After free play, we all headed down to dinner, where we ate some yummy pasta. Everyone ended up with very full stomaches! After dinner, we all put on some warm clothes and then headed down to the amphitheater for our middle ceremony. We sang songs, welcomed the one-week campers, played some name games, talked about the upcoming week, and generally had a lot of fun! After the campfire, everyone headed back to their cabins, where they brushed their teeth, put on their pjs, and hopped into bed! Tomorrow’s going to be a fun-filled day!

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