We had a wonderful final full day of sleep away camp! After some delicious omelets for breakfast, the one-week campers who chose to do an extra horseback ride headed out to the stables, while the remaining campers headed to their cabins and got ready for our pool day! After sunscreening and filling up our water bottles, we headed down to Eldo Pool for some fun in the sun! Campers enjoyed playing in the pool, going off the diving board, and going down the slide. They also enjoyed watching their counselors get into the pool!

When the horseback riders joined us after their ride, we enjoyed a yummy lunch at the pool–it was fun to eat in our cabin groups! After lunch, we re-sunscreened and filled up our water bottles again, and then headed back up to the pool deck for some more splashing around. Campers played cards, did funky dives and jumps, and played shark attack with the counselors. They also enjoyed sunbathing on the nice warm deck! After a fun day at the pool, we all headed back to camp for a well-deserved rest hour. It was nice to relax in our cabins after playing hard at the pool all day!

After rest hour, campers enjoyed some yummy popcorn for snack, and then had free time on the field and in the lodge. Campers made one last lanyard, enjoyed playing some soccer, and had fun chatting with their friends. Then, we headed in for a great mac and cheese dinner! After dinner, campers returned to their cabins to put on warm clothes, and then headed down to the ampitheater for our closing ceremony. We sang songs, made and ate some s’mores (Yum!) and did the camp key log ceremony. During the ceremony, each camper had the chance to recognize another person at camp who really made a difference to them during their time at camp. It was great to hear how everyone has made such good friends at camp! At the end of the ceremony, we sang our closing song as a camp, and then headed back to our cabins for a cabin group candlelight ceremony and lights out. It’s been a fantastic summer at sleep away camp, and we look forward to seeing the parents tomorrow!

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