We had a big Wednesday at sleep away camp! After breakfast, sunscreen, songs, and games, the two-week campers who chose to do a second horseback ride headed out, while the other two-week campers did some awesome leatherwork and fished in our camp lake. It was great fun to see the campers gain and enjoy some new crafting and fishing skills! Meanwhile, the one-week campers did archery, climbed Wally, and fished as well. Several campers managed to get very near the bulls eye in archery, and many made it to the top of Wally as well!

After a yummy lunch of chicken wraps, we headed back to our cabins for rest hour, and then played predator/prey! Groups of campers were different animals, going from moths all the way up the food chain to eagles. There were moths, frogs, snakes, hedgehogs, owls, and eagles! The campers, based on their animal, had to find a certain amount of food, water, shelter, and prey to survive. It was very exciting to explore camp in search of needed resources, and to attempt to capture prey from the other groups! After finishing our game, we had some yummy gorp for snack, and then enjoyed free time on the field and in the lodge. Campers enjoyed jumping rope, playing soccer, and hanging out.

After a great turkey burger dinner, we headed back to our cabins for some warmer clothes, and then met in the meeting hall for the camp Talent Show! It was really neat to see the campers’ many and varied talents; their were gymnasts, singers, pianists, comedians, hula-hoopers, artists, and more! And from our counselors, juggling and a mentalist act! All told, it was a very exciting evening. After our talent show, we sang our closing song, and then headed back to the cabins for lights out. Tomorrow is our last full day of sleep away camp; it’s going to be awesome!

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