The three cabin groups of Junior campers (the White Tree Hawks, the Lemon Licking Lollipops, and the Green GORP Cheetahs) started off our day with songs and a game with the older campers. After putting on our sunscreen and filling up our water bottles we headed to Thunder Ridge to eat our lunches! We loved the view from up there! Next we walked down towards “Wally” (our 26-foot climbing wall) where each cabin group took turns climbing up the wall and getting familiar with our climbing gear such as helmets and harnesses. When we were not climbing, we were so busy looking for insects! Many of us found large carpenter ants, caterpillars, and also spotted a few butterflies.

After riding the bus back to our base camp at Whittier, we took it inside to do some drawings of the bugs that we found and read a story about very hungry ants. We sang our “Meatball” song and headed out until tomorrow! We are looking forward to doing more bug catching tomorrow at the Mesa Trail.

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