We had such a fun time at camp today! We hit a bit of traffic on the way up but sang some songs and got through it! It was climbing day, so we started right away! The first group climbed while the others sang songs and played a game of, “The Sun Shines On…”. The other groups started their day with some crafts! Groups made animal masks and clay while others played some fun camp games. The other groups got to climb throughout the morning and after lunch. It was special because we got to climb on Wally!

After climbing some groups built some awesome forts– even a house for the ‘extinct Colorado Grizzly Bear.’ Some other groups did some awesome teambuilding challenges, including having to draw a picture of all the counselors while connected to others in the group by string! We ended the day with snack, some trash cleanup and a game of electricity! Everyone is excited for  pool day tomorrow!!

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