Today  was a great second day for the Explorers at Barr Lake! It was a warm one out there again, but plenty of water and sunscreen go quite a long way to help keep us going. In addition to some great trails for walking and scenic lake views, Barr Lake has some fantastic opportunities for bird watching. In fact, nesting eagles were seen both days by some Explorer groups! And of course many pelicans, geese, owls, deer, and other critters were spotted by others as well. Campers had some time at the archery range throughout today to learn or further practice their bow and arrow skills, lots on target and some excited to practice again some day. Being a sunny, warm day, today was perfect for some shady location activities and crafts- By the end of the day Barr Lake was abuzz with camp made kites, lanyards, friendship bracelets, sponge bugs, and more! Looking forward to tomorrow at Camp Wondervu!


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