The campers had an awesome pool day today! The weather was beautiful and the water was the warmest its been all season. Everyone started the day with a song at Mesa Trailhead. We saw the juniors off and got on the bus to the Eldorado pool! After putting on sunscreen and filling our water bottles we started swimming right away. There was another group there, so the pool was a bit crowded but we did not mind one bit! We broke for lunch at the picnic tables and dried off a bit before doing our crafts and making our shields for the bus. The campers will pick a special spot on the ceiling of the bus to place their shield and become part of the AO legacy! The campers had the chance to make lanyards and swim again until snack time. We ended with songs and packed the bus up to head back to Boulder. We are looking forward to our last day, tomorrow where we will be doing skits and archery!

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