Tuesday we went to The National Wildlife Refuge and were very lucky to have just a cool day. In the morning we sang songs and played a round of Headite and Buttite tag! Groups went off on excursions around the lakes and built forts near the water. The Explorers all got a chance to try fishing, however, no fish were caught. In the afternoon, owl pellets were dissected, leafs were traced, and crazy sunglasses were made! We wrapped up the day with a round of jokes and GORP made by two cabin groups.

Today, Wednesday, we went up to camp Wondervu where we were very lucky that no storms rolled in. Campers faced their fears while going rock climbing on real rocks! Everyone did amazing! Groups also went on hikes around the camp property and practiced their skits that they will be presenting tomorrow at the green. Cabin groups also made some creative origami as well as crazy sunglasses. We finished the day with a funny story told by Jalyn with help from the campers as well as yummy GORP!

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