We had an awesome day at Wondervu. We arrived a bit late after getting caught in some traffic so we were sure to sing extra songs to get our bodies moving! Then we played a group game of “Giants, Wizards and Elves.” The groups split off to do their planned activities before lunch. One group did a challenging spider web course and the others did crafts of pet rocks and popsicle stick creations. Everyone ate lunch and we watched the weather to see if we were able to go to the Meadow. Unfortunately it started storming! We went into the bus to decorate our kites and as soon as it was done storming we went back outside to finish them!  The campers got to test their kites for a little before another storm rolled in. It was back onto the bus for us! We did not mind one bit! We played some fun games and soon the sun was shining so that we were able to enjoy snack outdoors! We ended the day with two games– Poison Frog and “Honey, I love you.” We hope everyone has a great weekend! See you on Monday for another great week at camp!

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